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To every parent who dreams for their child, and every child who dreams for their future, I say these words to you:

I’m With You, and I will FIGHT for you, and I will WIN for YOU.

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As we all know, campaigns for City Council are expensive. We have been blessed so far with wonderful volunteers who have donated countless hours of their time and talent, for which we are grateful. But no campaign can be successful with volunteers alone. The Internet allows us a great vehicle to get our message out in the most cost effective way, but unfortunately that doesn’t cover all costs. That is why we are reaching out for your support.

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Letter From Abraham


Hi, my name is Abraham Prattella and I am a candidate for Claremont City Council. I am writing today about my desire to serve you, the people of Claremont.

I am running for City Council because our very special town is stagnating and is in need of fresh, innovative actions to move it forward again.

As a husband, father of two, and a pastor, my connection to the people and values of Claremont goes back over 25 years. Through my experience as a real estate broker and successful businessman, I am in daily contact with the hopes and aspirations of the wonderful people who live and work in our beautiful city.

One of the abilities I pride myself in is being a good listener. I hear people’s stories and it makes me want to do more to help the community. Claremont is unlike anywhere else in California. Its diverse population requires constant attention to competing needs and sensitivity to individual choices and beliefs. We have so much, and yet we are falling short in our schools and in addressing our aging population.

According to 2016’s Best Places to Raise a Family in California report, Claremont ranked 54nd overall and 38th in terms of affordability, but a sad 97th in education, health and safety. It is time for fresh thinking.

There hasn’t been a new voice in the City Council for almost 10 years. Two members have been in office for the entire decade. One member ran unopposed in the last election. The average tenure for councilperson is nearly 9 years. This is longer than the Constitution allows for the president of the United States! I am a big supporter of term limits at the national level and here in our community as well.

My appeal to you is based on a genuine desire to be of service. As a member of the City Council, my business will not benefit. In fact, the time devoted to Claremont will take away from other business activities. I sincerely believe that service to others is much more valuable than dollars.

I am fortunate to have two loving parents, Richard and Renee, who set high standards for their children. I hope to continue their example with my own two children. I remember in college, playing baseball and football, my coach taught me a valuable lesson that I have never forgotten.

With graduation fast approaching, I had become totally consumed with figuring out my life’s direction. Would my star shine brightest in sports or business? Coach reminded me that God has a path for all of us, and that simply pursuing our own personal rewards would bring us joy for a day, while helping others would bring spiritual rewards to many every day.

Our country has just witnessed a national political contest that divided many families, friends and communities. My pledge is to bring positive ideas to the discussion that unites rather than divides us. Can I count on your support for my campaign?

Mounting a campaign to improve our city takes money. Your contributions, no matter the size, will send a powerful signal that you want improvements and change that comes from actions, not just words. I encourage you to visit our website at, where all of our leadership ideas are spelled out in detail.

You can also safely and conveniently make a contribution of $5, $10, $20, $50 or more. We welcome any amount and pledge to use your money wisely in bringing a brighter future to our community.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Abraham Prattella